Alexey Zhmerenetskiy

Visionary – an analyst of innovation policy, business consultant, publicist.

Coordinator of the business club “KOLO”, co-founder of the think-tank Foundation for Future and Aeneas blockchain platform.

Master of Science in engineering and computer science, Master in E-Government. He studied policy analysis and problem-solving method of developing normative legal acts in USAID programs, advocacy and training technologies in UNFPA programs, graduated from the School of Public Administration and the School of Communications of the Institute for Social and Economic Research (NGO).

He worked on the implementing of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) instruments, industrial and technological parks in Ukraine as deputy director of the state enterprise within the framework of the National Projects. Consultant of members of Parliament of various convocations, developer of electoral programs and strategies of political parties.

Regular author of analytical materials in the country’s TOP editions on the topic of the trends of the future, economic, social and political issues.

Co-organizer of advocacy campaigns of a national scale dedicated to constitutional reform (“Ukraine – it is Me”, “People’s Constitution”).

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