Vladymyr Nikitin

Born on May 28, 1946 in Chernihiv.

Education: architectural faculty of the Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute, postgraduate study of the Institute of Theory, History and Perspective Problems of Soviet Architecture (Kyiv).

Poetry of Vladimir Nikitin

  • Candidate of Architecture, Doctor of Cultural Studies.
  • Member of the Union of Architects since 1974
  • Member of the Moscow Methodological unity since 1978
  • President of the Ukrainian Pedagogical Club
  • Co-founder of the project “Foundation for Future”
  • The initiator of the public platform the “Charter of Future”
  • Co-founder of the project “Institute of Humanity”

Expert specialization:

The priority area is the methodology of dealing with the social changes and future. Methodologist. Specialist in the areas of public policy, management, education, culture, urban planning and architecture. Participated in the creation of innovative educational institutions and analytical centers. Advised on development projects of regions, cities, governments in Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia. Educated officials and public organizations on the means of public policy in the post-Soviet space.

Working experience:

2015 – Scientific adviser, Chairman of the Academic Council of the Institute of Architecture, Urbanities and Regional Studies of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.
2013-2014–Chairman of the Board of the International Institute for Future Studies. Kyiv
2010 -2012 – Deputy Director for Studies of the Ukrainian Institute of Public Policy. Kyiv
2010-2012 – Moderator of the Educational Courses of the Higher Administrative Reserve of the Russian Federation at the Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation
2008 – 2010 – Adviser to the Head of the Secretariat of the President of Kyrhyzstan, advising on strategic development programs of the country.
2008 – 2012 –- Professor of the Sociology Department of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Kyiv.
2007 – 2008 –- Director of the International Center for Prospective Studies. Kyiv.
2000 – 2006 – Deputy Director of the International Center for Prospective Studies. Kyiv
2005 -2014 –- Professor of Design Department. Togliatti Academy of Management (Russia)
1995-2000 –- Head of the Department. Department of Humanitarian Disciplines, International Academy of Business and Banking (Togliatti, Russia)
1965-1995 – Junior, senior researcher, head of the department of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Main publications:

Author and co-author of the books “Genesis of Architectural Culture”, “Trajectories and Technologies of Culture Transformation”, “Principle of the City”, “The Idea of Education”, “Cultural Policy in Ukraine”, “Foundations of Public Policy for Public Organizations”, “Founding of Other” For … Self-organization in a rapidly changing world “,” Ukrainian Innovation Doctrine “,” Introduction to Personality “,” Personal University “,” Thinking Society”,” Metatecture”,” Playing Humankind”, articles and lecture courses on culturology, methodology, futurology , arch architecture and urban planning, public policy, education.

Major projects related to the development of management systems:

Creation of policy analysis groups and the Center for Information Resources in the Government of Ukraine, 2001, project manager
Definition of directions and ways of transformation of education and science in the context of European integration of Ukraine, Kyiv-1999, project manager
Problems and prospects of the national regional policy, Kyiv-2000, project consultant
Future of Ukraine: Public assessment of the reforms progress. Discussion of the Program of Activity of the Cabinet of Ministers, Kyiv-2000, Consultant
Analysis of the effectiveness and implementation of the results of scientific and technical activities, Kyiv-2001, project manager
Development and introduction of market mechanisms for the formation of a package of research and development of the Ministry of Economy, Kyiv-2001, consultant
Research of strategic directions of reforming science and education in Ukraine, Kyiv-2001, project manager
OJSC Ukrtelekom Strategy – 2002-2003, consultant
Economic policy at the local level 2003, expert
Development of methodology for strategic planning and development management for the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. 2003, project manager
Policy analysis groups in the government of Ukraine 2005-2006, expert
Development of public policy centers in Eastern Europe. 2005, expert
Future of Ukrainian economy.2006, expert
Strategy for reforming the National Academy of Public Administration. 2007-2008, expert
Complex of reforms of the country’s governance system. Kyrhyzstan. 2008 -2010, project manager
Training courses for the Supreme Administrative Reserve of the Russian Federation (ANH-RANHiGS Moscow). 2011-2013,moderator
Retraining courses for the Government of Tatarstan (ANH-RANHiGS Moscow). 2012-2013, moderator
Carrying out public consultations on the issues of Ukraine’s defense policy. 2010, expert.
Ukraine 2025. Analytical report. 2011-2012, expert
Strategy of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. 2015, expert
Concept of Kyiv’s social strategy. 2017, expert

Author's books