Yuriy Chudnovskyi

Born on March 13, 1957 in Kharkiv.

Education: architectural faculty of Kharkiv Institute of Civil Engineering, postgraduate study of the Department of Architecture.

Director of the Institute of Architecture, Urbanities and Regional Studies of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.

Co-founder of the projects: “Foundation for Future”, “Charter of Future”, “Institute of Humanity”, “Concordia”.


  • Advisor to the Head of the Administration of The President of Ukraine on local self-government
  • regional and investment policy
  • member of the Board of the Foundation for Assistance to Local Self-Government of Ukraine under the President of Ukraine
  • chief expert of TBF (The Bleyzer Foundation – expert-analytical center of the International Investment Company SigmaBleyzer)
  • co-chairman of the Ukrainian Innovative Forum
  • director of the Future of Ukraine Foundation
  • coordinator of the Intellect of Ukraine program.

The initiator, co-organizer and moderator of the annual All-Ukrainian municipal hearings, the National Innovation Forum, the Heraclean futurological congress, the cycle of international conferences “For ….

In collaboration with V. Nikitin, the author of a series of books (“The Founding of Another”, “For … – Self-Determination in a Rapidly Changing World”, “Ukrainian Innovative Doctrine”, “Introduction to Personality”, “Personalities”, etc.), “Thinking Society “,” Playing Mankind “, articles and lecture courses on management, publisher of the magazine of Ukrainian cities” Mediapolis “, the head of more than 40 strategic projects and analytical studies for the industries of countries and regions of the post-Soviet space.

Expert specialization:

Priority area – dealing with the future.

Other areas of specialization: architecture, settlement systems, town planning, urban planning, local government, municipal activities, local and regional development, management systems reform at the national, regional and local levels, investment and innovation policies, educational and cultural policies.

Author's books