Datsiuk Sergii

Philosopher, theoretician, thinker, publicist, blogger. Since the moment of completion in 1991 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv have worked in the sphere of analisis and examination of political decisions, and in 2002 – in the market of commercial consulting.

Author’s blog Sergii Datsiuk

Within the framework of the Institute of Humanity, the report

The author of the books “Theory of Virtuality” (2008), “Ontologizations” (2009), “Horizons of constructivism” (2010), “Theories of perspectives” (2011), “Complex new world” (2012), published in the Internet http://lit.lib.ru/d/dacjuk_s_a/

Author of the book “Intellectual policy” (2010) and books “The Moment of Philosophy” (2013). He is the author of several hundred theoretical and journalistic works on topics of thought, strategy, war, relations with Russia (since 1997). The full list of articles on these topics can be found at the link :http://www.uis.kiev.ua/~_xyz/ukraine_dream.html