Institute of Humanity

Institute was established in 2017. Research group, incorporated under a label «Institute of Humanity», specializes on research philosophical underpinnings and elaboration motion work to unitary Humanity. Founders of Institute are
T. Bebeshko, S.Datsyuk , V.Nikitin,Y.Cchudnovskyy.

The main goal of Institute is production advanced model of organization Humanity. Current international institutional system failed to rise to the occasion and does not in a fit state to unite efforts of Humanity to build common future.

The first manifestation of approaches, done by Institute of Humanity was competitive design of New architecture Humanity «Concordia».

It was submitted for competition , announced by Swedish fund Global Problems ( project initiators are V.Nikitin, Y.Cchudnovskyy, T. Bebeshko.) Institute of Humanity expands its activity in such forms:

– «Tea – drinking » – a form of reflective conversation of Founders of Institute about world, state and possibilities of Institute.

– «Open conversation of Founders » – discussion thematical reports of Founders , organized in topical cycles. Every topical cycle includes four reports, game and project – oriented session. As yet was passed four topical cycles : «What is Humanity?», «Space of Humanity», «Way of Humanity», « Navigation in way of Humanity» Learn more….

– Games of Institute of Humanity – playing format of approbation and making sense of content conversation of Founders.

– Project – oriented complex of Institute of Humanity – project and pattern works in terms of which develop projects, realizing the ideology of Institute of Humanity in social way. In current times are developing 3 projects: « Primary school of the new generation of Humanity» (V. Nikitin, Y. Cchudnovskyy) , «Ecological doctrine of CO-llaboration» (T. Bebeshko), «Behind disaster» (S.Datsyuk).

– «Primary school – personalized» ( mentor D. Zhytnyanya) – teen club of philosophizing.

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