The new social platform “The Charter of the Future” has been started

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On September 8, the new social platform “The Charter of the Future” held a presentation at IDF Reforms Lab. More than 100 public persons, activists, economists, and scientists took part in this event.

“The Charter of the Future” calls for the country to be re-invented, that is, to formulate a new state paradigm and build new state and public institutions.

The main idea of the organization is the formation of a platform that will unite disparate social forces, formulate a model of a new Ukraine and achieve its implementation.

It is not necessary to guess what the future will be, it is necessary to create it,

– said Volodymyr Nikitin.

All the reformers are choosing the strategy of” small victories

And, it does a good job in small business projects, but if we talk about such a big project as a state, then this is a completely inapplicable approach. When it comes to re-building, building an entirely new structure, we need a clear goal and a road map,” says Kostiantyn Parshyn, so the goal of our platform is precisely the formation of picture of the future. And all those who are ready to work towards this goal, who are ready to help us in the implementation of our plans or can offer their own tools to achieve this goal, we invite such people to cooperation.”

The future is possible if it is being built, not when only waiting for it.” We have everything – activity, people, intelligence, freedom … .. Everything except the main thing – aspiration to the future,

– said one of the initiators of the Charter, co-founder of the public project “Foundation for Future”, Yurii Chudnovskyi.