The Charter of the Future

The Charter of the Future ( in cooperation with social movement « Ukraine it”s me » and voluntary organization «Patriot»)

The goal of project is changing principles and systems of public control in Ukraine.

Ukraine is exhausted of potential of post – Soviet development. Rapid progress is needed for accession into global world.

Throughout the project is offered groundbreaking model of public control for Ukraine minimizing possibilities for corruption and improving efficiency in control public domain.

Project realization is supposed:

  • Creating social movement «For transformation in Ukraine».
  • Forming scientific educational system for developing new generation and new elite in Ukraine.
  • Creating «screen» – infrastructural mechanism for reflection and analyzing verifiable information about state of things and prospects for Ukraine in global world.

Moreover detailed elaboration aspect working – parts of changes in the country.

Formed such aspect groups:

  • Group of legal arrangements in changes;
  • Group of economic model;
  • Group of elaboration safety mechanism;
  • Group of health promotion;
  • Group of education.