Manifesto of All-Humanity

Published at the international conference in Lisbon on March 12, 2020.

The World is in crisis

The World and civilization are held by the thinking that gave rise to it.

The global crisis is gaining the scale of such a level of challenges that global thinking cannot cope with, because it does not understand these challenges, and collapses in the face of these challenges.

The main challenge is not the climate change, although it is very relevant, but the challenge of a fundamental change in the forms and content of thinking in face of the need to think plurally, different and diverse, without complexity and diversity reduction to one “most-proper” model of the world.

The diversity and multiplicity of forms of thinking, existences, cultures, as well as biodiversity, are conditions for the survival of Humanity and a source of its development.

There is no analytically understandable future in a crisis. To understand the future in a situation of fast time and fundamental transformation is possible only in a generalized and integral way.

Holistic anticipation is formed by intellectual premonitions, metaphors, philosophical conceptualizations, general models, etc. It finds its expression in diverse art and diverse communications. And for this, it needs an empty place in a social organization, outside markets and institutions.

Loss of thinking in the World

Thinking could be only free as the social craft, where it’s not free it’s not thinking. The thinker should not fully rely on any form of thinkability – his thinking in its essence should be freestanding.

The thinker should not know where his thinking will lead – to the termination of his existence and the destruction of the world in which he resides, or to the continuation / change of his existence, and the creation of a new or even variant world for his being.

Between thinking and its actualization is an abyss that cannot be overcome immediately or even quickly. Thinking as an attitude to another is difficultly actualized – through thinking microgroups.

Thinking may never be popular. Thinking is weakly socialized, because sociality longs for the actual, and thinking thinks about the important.

Loss of thinking is associated with the gradual loss of the value of thinking. Refusal of thinking is a purposeful action that acts as a technological or moral, individual, group or social choice. The technological choice is to replace thinking with media consciousness.

Thinking is destroyed at the levels of the ruling classes, intellectuals and their club traditions, as well as in droves today.

Intellectuals, who held and practiced thinking just recently, disappeared in that capacity. The destruction of the latest microgroups practicing thinking in Europe is proceeding at a rapid pace.

The rejection of the thinking of the world elites occurs as they turns into ruling classes, and then simply into privileged classes. And the refusal of thinking is consolidated in the form of its mass prohibition for the public, so that they are not competitors, rebels and gravediggers.

The dominant and most destructive form is the prohibition of thinking in education: children are taught that there is an exhaustive set of certain forms of thinking that they must master: “critical thinking”, “positive thinking”, “objective thinking”, “professional thinking”, “socializing thinking”(tolerance, political correctness, gender equality, etc.)

Refusal of thinking creates the illusion of a completely predictable social world, when in fact it takes on the features of savagery and aggression, conflicts and wars.

At large the current global crisis is a direct consequence of the rejection of thinking.

Humanity and All-Humanity

The main positive image of future compatibility is All-Humanity. It is All-Humanity that can pave the way to a different order and meaning of coexistence of different groups, cultures, civilizations, but not individual countries or peoples. All-Humanity is the position that can only take on the challenge of the current global crisis. And no single country or group of countries can accept this challenge.

Therefore All-Humanity needs deep thought and reflection.

All-Humanity is gaining meaning and perspective in the context of Humanity.

Humanity is not All-Humanity, it is not a union of people nor a union of human communities, nor a union of states, not a world government, nor a UN, not a Davos forum, nor a Bilderberg club, nor a Club of Rome, nor human rights, nor a human race, nor a human view of Homo Sapiens Sapiens and nor all humans on planet Earth.

Humanity is a special transcendental spiritual position, a noospheric shell, where a timeless and non-spatial conversation of entities about the essence takes place, where Buddha, Christ, Mohamed, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Leibniz, Descartes, Heidegger, Shakespeare, Goethe, Voltaire, Skovoroda and Dostoevsky collogue with modern significant thinkers, creators, clerics and bodhisattvas.

We manifest All-Humanity

We, the authors of the manifesto, have advanced in understanding the essence of other thinking – to think the unthinkable, freestanding, devastating, mind-attitude for diversity, for an essential collogue, for nondomination, for multi-model, for the whole and its perspective, as well as meaningfulness in the context of the prophetic whole.

However, due to our foundations, we cannot impose one, even complex, form of thinking. We believe that there are still individuals and groups that think humanity, and we want to start a conversation with them in essence on the general field of thinking.

We are focused on solving the problems of the fundamental conversion of the World organization.

The new architecture cannot be imposed “from above” by a group of countries or organizations, but must come out as the result of an agreement and the consent of each.

We highlighted the following three focuses of possible changes:

The first focus of interaction is the establishment and support of partnership with Nature. Without solving this problem, an avalanche-like growing environmental crisis will lead to the disappearance of All-Humanity and, thereby, solve all other problems.

The second focus – the organization of a common Future and the disclosure of the potential of a positive perspective of multiple compatibility, is the core of the overall architecture of All-Humanity. The organization of the second focus is oriented on revealing other spaces for the Future All-Humanity.

The third focus is comprehensive, with respect to the first two. This is the focus of thinking and senses. This is a focus that ensures the retention of the unity of All-Humanity and the World. It maintains the integrity of All-Humanity and the state of world unity, expanding the boundaries of the ecumenical world and promoting the sense of coexistence of people, establishing new balances between new fields of possibilities (worlds) and the current resource balance.

This becomes possible if diverse forms of thinking and understanding are formed, studies of time, co-being, self-organization and co-organization, emptiness and conditions, new humanitarian and post-humanitarian studies receive priority. They become the core of education and give rise to new formats of intellectual communication. The results can be formalized in educational programs and project orientations. Technologies are only tools for implementing this.

The essence of our manifesto is ultimate. Or Diverse thinking and All-Humanity – or the self-destruction of human civilization, and possibly life.

Taras Bebeshko
Sergey Datsuk
Vladimir Nikitin
Konstantin Parshin
Yury Chudnovsky